System Administrator

System Administrator

Full Name
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Qualification Highlights

Professional administrator of IT systems offering seven years’ experience with the following core functions:

  • Provided technical expertise for IT network design, implementation, optimization and upgrade.
  • Monitored the LAN/WAN network environment including routers, switches, firewalls, Internet access and software applications.
  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of [Windows servers, Cisco infrastructure] system network components.
  • Performed troubleshooting and diagnosis to hardware/software network failures, and provided resolutions.
  • Provided administration support, accessing network systems in their ‘root’ level.


Hardware: Cisco switches and routers, Windows Servers, Dell or HP Servers/workstations, HP Thin Clients, Apple hardware.
Software: Windows/Linux OS, MAC OS, SQL Server Enterprise, Microsoft AD, IIS and Apache

Core Competencies,

  • Problem solving: Analytical and decision making skills.
  • Team-worker: Ability to guide and work with others.

Professional Summary :
System Administrator : P&K Adv. IT Tech.    Melbourne, FL     2004 – Present

Installation and Optimization:

  • Installed, optimized and configured new servers and application upgrades in existing network environment as per requirements.
  • Installed and configured secured environments, VPN Internet connectivity of virtualized server environment and clients.

Technical Support and Administration:

  • Managed and administered Windows/Linux systems – Performed periodic maintenance, provided technical support and executed systems engineering.
  • Maintained MS Exchange Server – Performed troubleshooting and provided resolutions for server problems.
  • Implemented proper recovery procedures for disasters and administered user-accounts’ mailbox.
  • Maintained the timely back-up of important data and management resources.
  • Assisted in the timely recovery of data lost due to software crash or hardware failure.
  • Conducted periodic performance tests on existing servers.
  • Managed and advised the deployment of new system designs.

Educational Summary:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science/Application
  • MCSA, Microsoft Certification
  • CCNA, Cisco Certification
  • ACSA, Apple Certified System Administrator

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